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The Hawklords Headline An All-day Barney Bubbles Benefit Memorial Concert

The Hawklords Headline An All-day Barney Bubbles Benefit Memorial Concert
The 229 Club, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN
Sunday 29th November, 2009 from 2 – 10pm
On 14th November 1983, the art and music worlds lost one of their most important and innovative figures with the death of the legendary graphic designer Barney Bubbles. His work as Hawkwind’s cover artist and stage-set creator established him as key figure in the Ladbroke Grove/Notting Hill counter-culture scene, whilst his subsequent work with Stiff Records (including his designs for Elvis Costello’s album covers and his fractured Kandinsky-esque cover painting for The Damned’s Music For Pleasure LP) established his relevance to the punk/new-wave generation. He directed the seminal video for The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’ single, worked as art director at Friends magazine and was an early champion of Pennie Smith, who was to become one of rock’s most lauded photographers.
“Barney was, as far as media direction of the youth of this country, probably the most important artist of our generation.” Douglas Smith, interviewed by Jonathon Green, ‘Days In the Life: Voices From The English Underground’.
“...one of the most important graphic artists of his time.” Will Birch, ‘No Sleep ‘Till Canvey Island – The British Pub Rock Scene’.
Barney Bubbles’ long-time friend and admirer, former Hawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner, has been instrumental in organising this memorial concert celebrating the life and achievements of this most singular of multi-media artists, with a view to setting up a foundation/annual award for innovative album cover design, and a memorial plaque for him...
Headliners THE HAWKLORDS, featuring Adrian Shaw, Alan Davey, Harvey Bainbridge, Jerry Richards, Martin Griffin, Nik Turner, Ron Tree, Steve Swindells and Terry Ollis will perform Hawkwind’s 1973 stage extravaganza, Space Ritual, up-dated to 2009, supported by The New Bubblettes dancers and lighting designs inspired by Liquid Len & The Lensmen.
The day’s extensive line-up also features key 70s Notting Hill band QUINTESSENCE, The Damned founder-member Brian James, fronting his own BRIAN JAMES GANG, Nik Turner’s INNER CITY UNIT and the band created by Barney Bubbles, THE IMPERIAL POMPADOURS.
Pentameters Players will perform their acclaimed staging of ROBERT CALVERT’s play, ‘The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice’.
Also appearing during this memorial concert: JERRY FITZGERALD/LOL COXHILL’S ‘FRE-EX, TRIKIMIKI’S ‘3-D SPACE-WARP’, and D.J. JEFF DEXTER
The 229 ticket hotline 0207 323 7229 * £20.00 advance, £25.00 door
For further information and interviews please contact: Ian Abrahams - 07722519266


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God, who remembers all of this stuff! How to login, who you are, what the password is; it's all too much!

We implemented three new domains, Musics.net Musics.org and CyberSongs.org

All using Windows Server, the latest one. What a nightmare!

Hybrid migration from Linux took well over two months and still everything is not working!

Don't ever tell me migration from Linux to Windows is easy; it's not!

Linux server will be back soon though; it's easier to configure and get working!

Windows is fighting us on every thing we want to do. The Music forum was down for two months. Windows is just not that easy to get things working with.

Anyway, the forum is back.



Homeland Security:

A bunch of fat, mostly Irish, guys, who failed the Psychological Profile Test for a legitimate Police Force.

Usually, they're ugly, pock-faced, with huge bellies, big mouths, and the brain of a dead cow.

These fat slobs go around abusing mostly women and children, take pay that is bankrupting the airlines [I thought government wasn't allowed in private industry, what gives here?], and need and deserve a really good beaten put on them by the likes of Vin Diesel.

They have thus far: made a woman drink her own breastmilk, stripped naked one female ACLU lawyer in public, and have probably killed [murdered] at least a few innocenct airline travellers.

When are you people, you Americans, going to wake the hell up out of your stupor and get rid of these pensioner bums?

I, for one, vote for firing all of them, lowering airfares, nationalizing all of the oil companies, banning futures commodities trading in barrels or any other quantity of oil, and getting back to the Friendly Skies, and the man who wears the star, the actual gas jockey at the average gas station.

Tell Homeland Security personnel: "Get a real job, you bum!"

The real terrorist is wearing a blue uniform at every airport in this country; I say, let's do it, let's lock them all up and put them on trial for a change!



Nightmare of nightmares!

7 days ago we began to upgrade all of the Musics Organization worldwide network of companies, sites, artists, fans, what have you.

Needless to say, everything went down, hard, by the nose!

We added the very latest Microsoft Windows Server software, at a high cost. We added our triad domains, Musics.com Musics.net Musics.org and a bunch of Public Static IP Addresses. We were ready for "The Big Time!"

Unfortunately, "The Big Time" was not ready for us!

Linux quit working; actually, DNS quit working because the documentation on DNS still sucks rotten eggs! Windows paranoia security would not allow us to do anything, except look at the Windows Logo. And, like McDonald's, there was no valid training course available from Microsoft for simple things, like, "How do I get my email now that I've installed Windows Server? Internet Information Server was just as bad; you can administer a website, but no one is ever going to see it until you figure out exactly "what button to hit" to turn the thing on!

I can't stand brainiacs who can't speak on the simplest of levels, as in "To get your IIS actually serving webpages, do this . . . " I got on the phone with Verizon, the only company that seems to know what it's actually doing these days, like the old Telephone Company - reliable, intelligent, human beings, and we set up DNS quickly, but Windows refuses to "play by the rules."

I don't run a forrest here, Bill, I run a worldwide network, and it needs to be "UP!" There are no trees in this network, just hosts and domains, users, etc., and things like smtp for email. Now, when I say my smtp server is one of three, smtp.Musics.com or the others, that is what I mean and I mean "start using it now you stupid Operating System!"

Apparently, no one in Redmund knows what that means. The help documentation is written for point and click fast food counter attendants at minimum wage and is about as silly as a clown selling hamburgers. Like the clown that it is, the help files are a joke. MySQL doesn't like Windows on Lithium either. Nor does PHP nor any other standard web application and/or database program. The commandline of MySQL won't even log in because it never gives you a choice as to who the root user is! It's not "root" on Windows, fool! And then there's the execution permissions, which, along with all other permisssions, including "start" are set to off by both Windows and MySQL.

So, bascially, you can do nothing until you "get out of the forrest!"

Give me a chainsaw! I'll straighten those lumberjacks out yet!



Terry James

"Blogs of Note"

Blog this of Note!

In World War Two Adolf Hitler was the first person to start bombing civilians, including babies, in London. He had no qualms about murdering babies in raids, shooting at kids throwing pebbles, stormtrooping little girls and mostly women. He was, in short, the epitomy of the evil warrior or soldier that practiced baby murder.

The captured SS was taken to Texas, where they built, among other things, the U.S. Space program, and turned the V1 rocket and the V2 rocket into cruise missiles and scuds.

The SS missiles were used extensively in Viet Nam, to bomb babies, women, and men, civilians all, by a president from Texas after Texas murdered John Fitzgerald Kennedy. California murdered Robet Kennedy, John's brother, when he dared run for president.

Napalm was added along with Agent Orange to genetically mutate civilians, including mostly babies, from the SS and Goebles research scientists in Texas in the war against civilians.

By 1973 a Texan was head of the Overseas Secret Service and later became another Texan who would be president. His son went to school with an Arkansas president who pretended to be a protestor, all the while working for the 1973 Texan who would become president. The school was in Connecticutt, which is actually part of New York City, since all the richest tycoons live there and commute by limosine to work in New York City, when they are not in Texas or California.

California switched on and off with Texas for presidents. Two Kennedy murderer states, too many presidents from their states.

The 1973 OSS head cum president led and ended a 90 day in a war against Iraq in 1990, whose president they had put into office.

The Rhodes Scholar who went to school with the 1973 OSS head's son became president and restarted the war with Iraq in order to revise history and lose it.

The son of 1973 OSS head became president and after his financiers had a family member named Usama allegedly knock down with amazing feats of engineering prowess the Twin Towers of Babylon in New York City, where all the war machine money is made, and then when no planes were allowed to fly, flew the 24 other members of this Arabian billionaire tribe secretly out of the U.S.

The son of OSS lives in Crawford, Texas, when he's not in Old New England Connecticutt, right next door to Waco where 89 babies, women, and men were napalmed and burned to death for exercising the Right to Free Speech, the Right to Freedom of Religion, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The son of OSS blamed the old president his daddy had put into office so that he could bomb more babies, women, and men in civilian populations in Bagdad, which is not the land of all the tongues in the world [that's New York City]. He sent other people's sons to war to burn babies, women, and men, all civilians.

The son of OSS and his friends in the Pentagon, now all from Texas, got rich from bombing babies, women, and men civilians, but also kept it off of American television and forbade it from being reported in the news.

Moral of the story: if you think you are going to run for president of the United States of America, the best platform you could run on is to expel Texas and California, New York City and Connecticutt from the United States, send in the armed forces to wall these states off, and use the Patriot Act to send all persons who are citizens of these states to a deportation center until they can be returned to their "Evil Empire."

Or, you could just show this truth to the American people and end this "Reign of Terror" in the United States of America. While you're at it, fire all the congressmen who refused to talk to Michael Moore [c'mon, you know Moore was right! None of there sons are going to Iraq to die for Enron!].

Oh, did I mention that Enron stole all the people in California's pensions?

And the Democrats all voted for this war, so don't try to turn to them for too much support; after all, they might deliver you up before Pontius Texas.

If being from Texas, California, New York, or Connecticutt means being a baby murderer, I would never admit to being from any of these lying murderous places.

They are all about what America has never been about.

Cy b e r S o n g s


Terry James

Almost better, can change colors now, still having hard time finding dashboard!

phpbb.com now hates us.

Publicity is successful.

Cy b e r S o n g s
Terry James

Almost better, can change colors now, still having hard time finding dashboard!

phpbb.com now hates us.

Publicity is successful.

Cy b e r S o n g s