Okay. These are people I've either grown up with, have met on tour, have met at their show, those whose work I respect, players I've worked with or have known, and mostly people I think a lot of.

They are not associated with or obligated to CyberSongs in any way.

I just like them or admire them and therefore like to talk about them.

Janis Ian

I love her voice and love to see her perform. I happened to first see her performance some time back when two friends "opened" for her. Although I'm still basically non existent, there is hope that someday I'll actually get to talk to her again in person.


Wild P Hucker

A friend from the UK who happens to have a band called MSM and are quite established. Hoping to get them over here in the U.S. I'm just a sucker for BackStage passes! Their band is MSM.

http://www.WildPHucker.com/ and http://www.ogreland.co.uk/

More to come.


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